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AutoPIA (Automatic Phantom Image Analysis) is a software for automatic analysis of test images of objects (phantoms) used to evaluate image quality. AutoPIA is able to quickly provide reproducible and objective quality indices for routine quality control processes aimed at optimizing the performance of an X-ray system.

Before the advent of digital era in diagnostic imaging, routine quality controls were carried out by human observers that evaluated image quality by counting visible details and measuring optical density. The process was inevitably slow, affected by subjective criteria and variable over time, resulting in unreliable assessments with high costs.

With digital images, the process of analysis and evaluation can be automated, carrying along certain advantages:

AutoPIA methods and algorithms are based on advanced knowledge of medical physics and computer science, and this provides:

AutoPIA is currently able to recognize and analyze the following phantoms of Leeds Test Objects:

A web page is too short to describe all the featurs of AutoPIA. If you need more information or willing to try it in your environment with your images you can visit the dedicated website.